Re: [gardeners] Yogurt question

Ron Hay (
Thu, 09 May 2002 07:57:57 -0700

Hello, Rosemary,

No, it is not kefir; kefir is a very thin, liquidy yogurt.  The yogurt
we purchase is made by various Armenian outfits locally: Abali brand,
Byblos, Karoun and Sadaf are some of the more widely-distributed brands.
They also make lebni and kefir, among other ME products.

We purchase ours at a Middle Eastern market about 2 blocks from our
house. The yogurt is so thick you can stand a knife up in it. Karoun is
our favorite brand.

To my knowledge, Sadaf is a very widely distributed brand of ME products
and has a web site, which may indicate distributors in your area.

We love it with a little passion fruit or lime syrup mixed in with our
fruit for breakfast. Yogurt also makes a wonderful marinade with garlic,
cumin, cayenne and a bit of coriander, for chicken. You will be amazed
at how it tenderizes the meat!

Happy hunting and good growing to you.