Re: [gardeners] Magnolia Soulangeana wilting problems

Sherryl Fawx (
Thu, 09 May 2002 09:13:38 -0700

I suggest asking your local ag extension specialist or calling in an
arborist.  Phytophthora and armillaria are both fungal pathogens causing
disease.  Armillaria root rot is also known as oak root fungus or
shoestring fungus and affects many broadleaf trees and conifers.  It
infects and kills cambial tissue, causing major roots and the trunk near
the ground to die.  Phytophthora kills the roots and root crown area of
infected plants.  
I would definitely not call them beneficial. 

-Sherryl (suspicious of "elixirs")
Davis, Calif.

At 09:22 AM 05/09/2002 -0500, you wrote:
>Our M. Soulangeana's leaves are all wilty and small this year for some
>reason. At first I thought it was because it got hit by a late freeze in
>early April, but now I'm suspecting root problems. A friend of mine
>suggested using some kind of "elixer" of fertilizer and beneficial fungi. He
>mentioned phytopthera and armalaria (spelling is phonetic). Is anyone
>familiar with this concoction?
>Any other ideas or suggestions?
>Dan Dixon