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Thu, 9 May 2002 16:35:55 -0400

You can thicken up any yoghurt by dumping it in clean cheesecloth and 
hanging it off your kitchen sink faucet.  Water (whey, I think it actually is) 
runs off leaving a thcik cream-cheesey stuff if you leave it long enough.

We used to drink a thin yoghurt in north Africa - thick stuff and also European 
style stuff was available too.


> It's called lebneh and about any Middle Eastern deli or grocery will
> carry it. Lots of luck elsewhere. If you eat yoghurt for intestinal
> use by flora and fauna any live culture yoghurt will do the trick. The
> ME kind is just a lot thicker and, to some, tastier version.
> George
> Rosemary Carlson wrote:
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> > Hey all: A day or two ago, someone mentioned a thick Middle Eastern
> > yogurt. Was that kefir? If not, what is it called and where can one
> > get it? On the gardening front, my clematis, that has climbed
> > through my rhodies, is blooming - a Henryii - and is gorgeous. Big
> > storms here for days now - more this afternoon
> > 
> > Can one grow basil successfully in a large container - like a flower
> > box?
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> > Thanks!
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> > Rosemary in the mountains of eastern KY
> > Zone 6a