Re: [gardeners] Tree planting advice (
Fri, 10 May 2002 00:17:25 -0400

George, the clay soil is totally saturated from the unusual rains,
which makes it act like putty. The tree has no canopy, being an
evergreen with branches and needles all the way to the ground. 
Right  this second I cannot remember if it is a hemlock or a
spruce. The prevailing winds do whip thru there but at right angles
to the direction of the leaning!  Cannot blame the winds for this
problem. I blame the berm and the soil.  Perhaps there was not
sufficient flat space for the planting of the tree -- I saw it 3 weeks
ago, and I wondered if the tree were fighting gravity, and trying
to slide down the berm.....  except that it had been perfectly happy 
there for 3 years already! 

Penny, NY


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