Re: [gardeners] Yogurt question

Ron Hay (
Fri, 10 May 2002 07:42:15 -0700

Good morning, Rosemary,

You will have scored a hit with Karoun. The company is an American
transplant from Lebanon, from an Armenian family that has been making
prize-winning yogurt and cheeses for generations. And I do mean
generations plural. The family brought its expertise from Armenia to
Lebanon during the diaspora, to use a politically correct term. Their
products have won gold medals at the California State Fair.

If available, try their string cheese. It is absolutely unlike any
string cheese marketed by any of the Italianate brands. It tastes of
herbs and has a wonderful rich flavor that is hard to describe. It is
tied in loose knots, probably by hand, and makes a wonderful appetizer
along with roasted red peppers, muhammara and roasted eggplant relish.
If you don't know muhammara, you must! I will be delighted to share the
recipe, which is simplicity itself. The only ingredient you will need to
purchase for it, which is out of the ordinary, and which any ME market
worth its salt should have, is pomegranate molasses.