[gardeners] terms of agreement

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 10 May 2002 18:55:59 -0500

Okay folks, time for another reminder. Part of your Welcome message deals with advertising of any
sort, including signature lines leading to a commercial website. If you're touting something please
ensure you're not also selling it or you violate the terms of agreement for this list. This is one
way we keep the list free from spam.

Another occasional problem is when folks start to disagree about something. I know many of us have
strong feelings about certain ways to do things or about political beliefs. Please leave them off
the list as not doing so can cause flaming and hurt feelings. It's okay to disagree with something
someone else says but at least be polite about it.

Politics and religion are two other no-no's. Discussing politics or religion with someone of
opposing views is like arguing with a skunk, someone is going to get insulted and want to fight.
Don't do it on this list, take it off-list.

Another problem is attachments and binaries, if you refer to your Welcome message you will see that
they are also forbidden. Lots of folks software can't handle either of them, some ISP's don't allow
them through their server, and many of us just don't want to receive them. Don't send them on this

I'm fairly liberal on what I allow on the list but anything that arouses controversy or sparks a
minor conflict gets quashed quick and I am the sole decider. It must work as I've only had to kick
five people off the list in the years its been running. <VBG>

So, what I'm saying is obey the rules and play nice. Let's get out and garden.

George Shirley