Re: [gardeners] Muhammara

Ron Hay (
Sat, 11 May 2002 13:24:13 -0700

Hello, George,

Sorry to hear about your tax mix-up. When we refinanced in October, I
discovered a whole can of worms about what the country perceived as
unpaid taxes, that actually were paid...and for reasons known only to
God, were sent back to the lender, which had paid them out of our former
impound account. It took about 6 weeks to straightened up and almost
caused our re-fi to bomb:(

Yes, Vivian had chickenpox as a child; but I did not, so don't fear of
contracting that scourge, myself.

She is noticeably better today, thank goodness; she can actually open
her left eye most of the way, and aloe is helping to heal the blisters,
along with her bactracin and cyclovir. She feels like a leper, however,
and can hardly wait for it to heal and go away.

Thanks again.

How is Miz Anne?