Re: [gardeners] copy and paste vs attachments

GizmoAZ (
Sat, 11 May 2002 10:26:48 -0700

Oh, one other thing I was going to mention.  If you want to copy all the test, without having to scroll
down and highlight all of it, do a Control A in word.  That does a "select all" and automatically
highlights the whole document, then after you have done that, do steps 3 - 5. :)
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GizmoAZ wrote:

> Oh, ok...sorry, I think I missed an email.  It's still the same principle though,  Control C to copy,
> Central X to cut,  in Word, Control V to paste in Netscape.  That is how I did the internet classes I
> gave last year.  I had it all typed up in word, and then did a copy and paste into Netscape.
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> The text above, I just copied from word to Netscape, just to make sure I know what I'm talking about.
> Here is step by step what I did.
> 1. Open the word document.
> 2. Highlight the text you wish to copy or cut.
> 3. Do Control C to copy, or from the menu or Word, Do Edit --> Copy
> 4. Open the netscape message where you wish to copy the text.
> 5. Do Control V to paste, or from the menu of Netscape do Edit --> Paste
> Now, something that may be causing the problem is I'm using a different version of word then you,
> although the only version I've never done this with is MS Office 2000.  What version are you using?