[gardeners] Hot sauce

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 17 May 2002 14:03:09 -0500

Started putting up hot sauce this morning but ran out of bottles after I had filled 21 5 ounce
bottles. Had to go and order some more but found a web source that sold me a case of 120 10 ounce
Woozy sauce bottles with lids for a reasonable price and I also ordered the inserts to get drops
instead of "Oh my Gawd!" Still got almost two gallons of sauce to bottle, it'll just have to mellow
a little longer.

The old food mill cranked out the meat and juice and dumped the seeds and skins for me as usual.
Went quickly as the chiles were already fermented for 5 months.

Made one batch of a yellow hot sauce. Made from Aji Lemon de Peru chiles that are a bright yellow.
The sauce turned out a rather muddy yellow but the stuff has a really nice bouquet and flavor with a
nice after bite. My super taster wife can eat it without grabbing the milk jug so reckon it is a
mite mild.

Blueberries will be coming in next week, the fig tree is loaded, and the elderberries are in full
bloom. Getting on toward preserving some stuff. Yee hah!