[gardeners] Gardening by the family

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sun, 19 May 2002 09:46:53 -0500

Well, tomorrow is Miz Anne's birthday but we celebrated it all this weekend. Our son brought his two
kids over Friday, first time they had been here and the eldest is age four. Saturday morning our
daughter and her daughter and DIL plus our great-grand, Miss Zoe, showed up followed shortly by my
eldest sister and then Miz Anne's best friend. A good time was had by all including touring the
gardens, picking flowers and berries with the wee ones, and making bouquets for Miz Anne and the
other ladies.

Saturday evening our daughter and her bunch, my sister, and Beb, Miz Anne's friend all left but our
son and his batch stayed until about 30 minutes ago. Nicholas, our youngest grandson, 18 months, has
a bad tummy and was cross and whiny so they packed and went home at his nap time. Chances are he
will sleep most of the 2.5 hours home and will feel better when he gets there.

We have thoroughly enjoyed this weekend and Miz Anne was ecstatic with the weekend party in her
honor. She got enough baby sugar on her to last awhile and so did I. The three youngest, Sleepy, and
myself, took an hour long nap yesterday afternoon and Miz Anne says that was a sight to behold. One
old grey-headed man, a little white and black dog, and three pretty children all in a heap on our
bed covered with an afghan throw made by my sister.

The temps here have been in the low fifties F since Friday night, it's like spring all over again.
We went from low eighties to low fifties in one day plus we got 4 inches of rain so this norther
blew in some good for us.

I hope all are enjoying family and gardens on this lovely weekend. Life is good.

George, Miz Anne, and Sleepy Dawg