Re: [gardeners] A visit from JD (
Fri, 24 May 2002 00:36:24 -0400

Hi, Ron -- I am pleased beyond measure that Jim Delahanty has 
made the trip over to your house, and has fulfilled his promise
of being an extraordinary Rosarian and human being -- I wish
we could clone him, and let everybody benefit!  

I shall investigate the link not only for the benefit of
my roses, but also because this weekend past we have been hit 
with a devastating surge of spider mites on my super-prized 25 ft
blue spruce ...  I instantly sprayed, but what they allow the citizen 
gardener to use is very dilute, for safety reasons, and it did not
work. The tree company came with a contraption to inject a
systemic chemical into the trunk of the tree (which does not affect
the environment). We can only hope that this will work in time...

Nights are still cold, so almost no one has put out annuals as yet. 
Very bad for the garden nurseries -- all that beautiful stuff just sits 
there, hoping for a home..  I brought home three different tomato
plants from our Master Gardener Plant Swap -- one of our members
starts about 20 different kinds of tomatoes  every year, and brings
dozens of trays of individual tomatoes in 8 oz plastic water cups, 
all labelled, to the swap. I noticed that she had cucumbers and 
squash started as well, but since I don't think Jimmie will be able
to rototill the veggie garden this year, I did not take any. Sorry
to say, but neither can I do it anymore.  What do they say about the 
Golden Years...?.....



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