Re: [gardeners] OT - red winged blackbirds

Ron Hay (
Fri, 24 May 2002 09:57:44 -0700

Hello, Margaret,

It sounds as if you had a real treat, watching those birds.

We get to see a lot of exotic birds in our neighborhood, because the
Sepulveda Dam Basin, just a mile or two to the south, is a resting point
for many birds on their flight south.

We also have the descendants of the Bush Gardens parrots that were let
loose a couple of miles north of here when Bush closed the gardens at
the brewery a number  of year ago.

The flock in our neighborhood numbered about 14 when we moved here in
October of '97. Now, there must be at least 100. They feast on all the
fruit in the area that people don't pick. There must be half a ton of
unpicked citrus within a mile of our home. Why, there's a grapefruit
tree in the front lawn of a house at the end of our block where the
people NEVER pick the fruit. One day I got enough chutzpah to ask the
owners if I might pick up stray grapefruit on occasion. Seems he was
delighted to have someone unload it for him!

Have a great weekend!