[gardeners] Wednesday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 05 Jun 2002 10:05:34 -0500

Went out late yesterday and picked the first cucumber of the season along with some chard, lettuce,
and assorted herbs for a salad for dinner. As usual the fresh veggies were excellent.

Got in from work at about 0845 this morning and Miss Sleepy Dawg and I strolled the gardens, picking
a nice zucchini to have for dinner tonight. At the moment I'm leaning toward sauteeing it in a
little olive oil with some sweet onion and garlic and maybe a soupcon' of oregano. Then again I
might add some ground beef to the mix and make a one dish meal of it.

The green beans have baby beans on the plants, the crowders and limas are abloom and there are
dozens of small cukes, zukes, and tomatoes showing. The okra and eggplant are still small but are
growing well. The sweet bells are full of baby fruit and lots of blooms as are the mild jalapenos.
The corn is 3 feet high and rising and the kumquat trees are loaded with tiny fruit and blooms.

The boysenberries are done and the blueberries have about another week of scant pickings to go. I
think this is the year we rip out what is left of the blueberries, the boysenberries, the
non-productive raspberries, and definitely the two mayhaw trees. I'm still leaning toward some
upright blackberries down that 75 foot stretch of fence but first some fence repairs are in order.
Discovered a couple of fence posts that have rusted off at ground level and the walk gate into the
neighbors backyard definitely needs replacing. It's always something, if it's not one thing then
it's another. To quote the Gilda Radner character from SNL.

Still it's a beautiful day but heating up quickly. Miz Anne is gone off to give an art lesson to a
housebound senior and then to her life drawing class at the local university. After that little bit
she comes home to a childrens art class here at 3 pm. Me, I got the kitchen cleaned, the wash is
done, the bathrooms need cleaning and then I'm seriously considering a nap as I was up most of the
night for some unknown reason.

Life is good.