Re: [gardeners] Apricot city!

Ron Hay (
Wed, 19 Jun 2002 11:38:10 -0700

Hello, George,

Thanks for the reply re: angels' trumpets. We have 4 cuttings of the
white, plus a peach and a pink. Something is chewing the heck out of the
variegated leafed one, the peach one, I think, so had better get out
some insecticide tomorrow, after the plumbers leave today. Kinda hard to
spray with people walking back and forth through the front yard.

BTW, don't know whether you saw that show on Discovery Channel, but I
found it intriguing. First they found rock paintings in the Australian
Desert of oceangoing canoes; then they linked those to the only tribe of
seagoing aborigines who live on the NE coast of Australia. But the
killer link was the DNA similarities between two aged sisters in Tierra
del Fuego to present day aborigines.

I think people got around a lot more than anyone thinks in ancient
times; there are just no written documents from that period, which
preceded any graphemic system which we can recognize. FWIW.