[gardeners] Apricot city!

Ron Hay (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 19 Jun 2002 07:04:23 -0700

Good morning, George,

Sorry I have not had much time lately to write, but between work, the
garden and the repiping of our house, time has been in short supply.

Right now our tomatoes are still in the very green and growing stages,
but growing they are! So are our eggplants and tomatillos.

But the star of the show at the moment is our apricot tree, which even
during its off year, is providing us with about a dozen ripe 'cots a

This year we used last year's net for the apricot tree, but found it not
large enough, after Vivian had laboriously strung it over all the
branches. Result: squirrels are getting in to get their share this year,
but we still have a nice amount to enjoy and to give away to friends and
neighbors. I've yet the find people barring their doors at the prospect
of tree ripened apricots:)

Our next project will be the nectarine, which is so loaded it is hanging
over the garden wall into the neighbor's yard, and sagging to the ground
on our side that we have to construct crutches to keep the branches up.
What a delightful predicament. I just hope we can net it well enough,
with our newly purchased much larger net, so that we can can some this

Do any of your have experience with angels' trumpets (brugmansias, often
mislabled as daturas)?  We were given several cuttings by a friend who
has just opened up a brugmansia nursery in Rainbow, CA, down by
Fallbrook, and the young plants are already growing enormous. I am told
that one should pinch off the side shoots to prevent them growing into
bushes, which I have done; and the upshot is that they are really
shooting up, with huge leaves and thick stems, a far cry from the little
twigs our friend gave us.

Well, I need to get ready for the plumbers, who should reattach our
dryer and finish patching today, so I will bid you all a fond adieu for

Have a wonderful day gardening!