Re: [gardeners] Wednesday, pretty close to the garden

Margaret Lauterbach (
Wed, 19 Jun 2002 14:05:39 -0600

>In Canada, George:Newfoundland, a place today known as L'Anse  aux
>Meadows. NW tip of Newf.  A 9th century Viking settlement was found,
>complete with runes, which dated the place to Eric the red or was it lief
>erikson or are these the same guys???  oh, I should go check but too lazy
>right this minute.  The exciting thing is the refs in the runes tie into 
>some of
>the norse sagas which we all thought were bs when we read them in school.
>   None of this was discovered before the 80s, which puts an awful lot of 
> us in
>the no Europeans before Columbus camp.
>I though Pacific Islanders were related to the Abos...where is Evil John 
>days?  He should know, and even if he doesn't I'm sure he would venture an

John is somewhat active on the Gardens list, he's not on this list.  He 
just stirred up an unpleasant thread, posting recipes for slugs.  I 
recently did read the book about Kennewick Man, sort of a one-man vendetta 
against regulatory agencies, IMO.  Still, Kennewick man's skull was a long 
one, as were those of the "Anasazi" mummies.  Margaret L