Re: [gardeners] Ex Farmland

Ron Hay (
Thu, 20 Jun 2002 14:01:40 -0700

Hello, George,

Our Panamint varietal nectarine is just such a tree, requiring much less
chilling. I did a great deal of research before hitting on this
wonderful variety.

I was very pleased to see, in David Karp's most recent article (he's
known as the Fruit Detective) on varieties of peaches and nectarines no
longer commonly sold in markets that Panamint was very high on his list
of choices.

BTW, there is a marvelous article in yesterday's LA Times food section
on plums written by David Karp, who also writes for Gourmet and Bon
Appetit, among others.

He addressed our California Rare Fruit Growers meeting last month and
showed slides of his 3 year odyssey to check out the varieties of plums,
both cultivated and wild, grown in California. He is one very
interesting and well-informed individual.

Luckily I have his business card and can fire off questions about a
whole host of fruit matters:)

To view the article, click on, and click on the food

He mentioned that he is doing a feature article for the LAT in September
on the varieties of pomegranates.