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George Shirley (
Thu, 20 Jun 2002 17:11:28 -0500

I grow a varietal peach called Floragold, developed by the U of Florida. This tree is 4 years old
and 20 feet tall with a trunk that is about 5 inches in diameter. Sets lots of fruit that ripen in
late April, early May. I just have to beat the birds and squirrels to the fruit and sometimes I win,
sometimes they win. It's gotten too big for me to net anymore. I may prune it back severely this
fall and wait a couple of years to get fruit again.

My plum is a Bruce variety and the other is actually a pluot (75% plum, 25% apricot). I've eaten
pluots grown in CA and they are great. Hopefully the Bruce and the pluot will bloom together as each
is a pollenator for the other. We also have a couple of kumquats and the Fuyu persimmon. Alas, the
Fuyu dropped all of its fruit this spring, I think a late cold spell affected it. Fortunately the
fig tree is loaded so we may get some fruit of some kind this year. I'm thinking of getting a
pomegranate. Either that or a passion vine.


Ron Hay wrote:
> Hello, George,
> Our Panamint varietal nectarine is just such a tree, requiring much less
> chilling. I did a great deal of research before hitting on this
> wonderful variety.
> I was very pleased to see, in David Karp's most recent article (he's
> known as the Fruit Detective) on varieties of peaches and nectarines no
> longer commonly sold in markets that Panamint was very high on his list
> of choices.
> BTW, there is a marvelous article in yesterday's LA Times food section
> on plums written by David Karp, who also writes for Gourmet and Bon
> Appetit, among others.
> He addressed our California Rare Fruit Growers meeting last month and
> showed slides of his 3 year odyssey to check out the varieties of plums,
> both cultivated and wild, grown in California. He is one very
> interesting and well-informed individual.
> Luckily I have his business card and can fire off questions about a
> whole host of fruit matters:)
> To view the article, click on, and click on the food
> section.
> He mentioned that he is doing a feature article for the LAT in September
> on the varieties of pomegranates.
> Enjoy!
> Ron