Re: [gardeners] Ex Farmland

Ron Hay (
Fri, 21 Jun 2002 07:39:07 -0700

Hi, George,

We, too, are in zone 9b, but, then again, that admits of a wide variety
of interpretation. Sunset magazine has us pegged as SZ 18, too hot and
too cold to grow fuchsias, but we have had one flourishing in shade for
4 years.

Various bulb purveyors say Chinese Trumpet Lilies will only perform to
zone 8, but we have two 7 footers blooming for the 4th year in a
row...and multiplying. Oh, yeah, our Easter lilies are just finishing
blooming. Not supposed to have great success with them, either.

Hereabouts, in our microclimate, we have about 4 nights of freezing
temps a  year, with most nights in the 38-50 range through the "winter

Panamint has done very well for us, indeed; maybe it will for you, too.
Are there any local fruit groups/orgs that might be able to give you
some good advice? It's worth a try, since the fruit is indescribably
delicious...a cross between honey and liquid sunshine.