Re: [gardeners] Ex Farmland

George Shirley (
Fri, 21 Jun 2002 11:38:59 -0500

Nope, no local fruit grower groups, just an extension service geared to either handle large farms
and ranches or little old ladies with flower beds. Nothing sort of in between. Heck, I even argue
with our extension agent over which zone we're in, he's new and still thinks we're in zone 8, even
when you show him the map.

Much as I would like to grow another fruit tree I just don't have much room. Going to have to move
the loquat anyway as it isn't getting enough sunshine over behind the greenhouse and sandwiched in
between the elderberries and a very large gardenia.


Ron Hay wrote:
> Hi, George,
> We, too, are in zone 9b, but, then again, that admits of a wide variety
> of interpretation. Sunset magazine has us pegged as SZ 18, too hot and
> too cold to grow fuchsias, but we have had one flourishing in shade for
> 4 years.
> Various bulb purveyors say Chinese Trumpet Lilies will only perform to
> zone 8, but we have two 7 footers blooming for the 4th year in a
> row...and multiplying. Oh, yeah, our Easter lilies are just finishing
> blooming. Not supposed to have great success with them, either.
> Hereabouts, in our microclimate, we have about 4 nights of freezing
> temps a  year, with most nights in the 38-50 range through the "winter
> months."
> Panamint has done very well for us, indeed; maybe it will for you, too.
> Are there any local fruit groups/orgs that might be able to give you
> some good advice? It's worth a try, since the fruit is indescribably
> delicious...a cross between honey and liquid sunshine.
> Ron