Re: [gardeners] Heat and soaker hoses

penny x stamm (
Fri, 5 Jul 2002 23:46:46 -0400

Hi there, Char -- we first bought those black soaker hoses 
(reconstituted auto tires, I believe) probably 25 years ago,
because we've had the Netafim drip system in place for at
least 15 years. 

There were two big problems with the black hoses:  the water
pressure at the beginning of each hose was much, much 
greater than at the end of the hoses, so things did not get
watered evenly. In one case we made a continuous loop out
of the hoses, so water could come in from each end at the same
time. We did this by making a short hose with two female
ends and using a Y connector. I'm a bit fuzzy after all this
time about the actual design, but if you needed to  know, I
could ask Jimmie. At any rate, this made the water pressure
even throughout the hose, and we ran the loop around nine
big hemlocks...  The other problem, of course, was the black
hose's temdency to burst under our water pressure of
60 ppi. We finally found some little white plastic inserts 
(something like washers) to use whenever we hooked up 
one of those hoses, and this cut back the water pressure,
so the hoses stopped bursting.  We put a few of them back into
service last summer, just because they were here and available,
but we did not put in the inserts for some reason, and that
would be why we're having trouble. 

What is the proportion in your vinegar spray? Have you talked 
about it here on the BB..? I am locked out of 1,000 messages
by a glitch in my server's program, and so I might have missed
it. You say that you are using it to kill weeds? That's exciting! 
My daughter in Chicago is making a jalapeno spray to deter
the varmints which are still destroying everything she puts in to
her garden. I sure hope it works! 

Penny, NY


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