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Hmmm 'those' indicates to me that you have quite a few. Tomato hornworms
primarily attack tomato plants but sometimes will go for potatoes and even
peppers.  I've never experienced an infestation of them.  Last year I had
one.  Sometimes they are difficult to detect, but upon close inspection you
should be able to see small black dots similar to mice droppings at the
bottom leaves of the plant.  The larva feeds on the foliage and sometimes
the stems.  If left alone it could cause severe damage to the plant.

Inspect the hornworm, if it's parasitized (has a white grain, similar to a
rice grain) anywhere on it's body, leave it alone.  It is the egg of a
braconid wasp.  The larva that hatches from this egg feeds on the insides of
the hornworm and eventually kills it.  If however there are no signs of the
eggs, you can hand pick it.  Some people use Bt, I use the handpicking

Good luck.


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> For the first time ever, we have those HUGE horned tomato worms. I have
> heard that spritzing all the plants with white vinegar will kill many
> pests. Also, some herb I have never heard of,  borage. How does one put
> that on? Or do you plant it around the plants? Thanks!
> Janni