Re: [gardeners] Putting it by

George Shirley (
Sun, 14 Jul 2002 08:38:07 -0500

Sounds like everyone was on track and busy to complete the repairs. We've been getting rained on all
week and yesterday for about 10 hours. Finally out into the garden about 1830 to pick crowder peas,
tomatoes, cukes, okra, and sweet bells. We sat around comfortably in the family room and shelled out
about 2 quarts of crowder peas which I then cooked and will freeze this morning. I'm glad you don't
have to drag the hoses around anymore, sounds like you have a useful SIL.

George wrote:
> George, Jimmie says your idea about bringing along a piece of wood
> when making tight tube and hose connections sounds like a very
> good idea -- and he thanks you!
> In general, we employ a propane torch to warm up the tubing. Jim
> has a heavy hand, and occasionally melts the tubing right down!  My
> son-in-law Gino, who is a weight-lifter for exercise, can make his
> tubing connections with his bare hands -- but even he finds it a bit
> difficult, at times. I remember watching the Hispanics installing my
> original underground system about 20 years ago - they would light
> up a piece of newspaper, and hold it under a supply pipe just long
> enough to make the ends pliable, and would then press the ends
> together.
> We're mking progress -- helper Marco lifted up the very heavy
> stone by our steps, and Jimmie chiseled a groove across which
> could fit the 12-strand cable. Then he started to chisel another
> deeper groove to fit the 3/4 inch piping, but it went too slowly, so
> Marco finsihed the job with the point of the pick-axe. That means
> we now have the wire and one supply hose getting across the
> front walk, and out of the way of any future change of shrubbery.
> He then put enough pipes together to give me back the water
> flow to the three flower beds in front of the house, hooray! Now
> at least I don't have to sprinkle them down three times a day by
> hand!  Next will come another groove for the 2nd water supply
> line, intended for the shrubbery -- and then all we will have to
> do is to wait for the mason to repair the sidewalk where we
> demolished it last week. The stones are way too heavy for us to
> tackle the repair by ourselves, at our tender ages -- the strength
> is gone, sad to say, altho the brain still dreams big dreams ....
> Penny, NY
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