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Wed, 24 Jul 2002 13:06:20 -0400

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> Billie I will be doing this (someday) in my house. Although we don't allow
> shoes on in the house I am sure we will have plenty enough dirt under the
> carpet. This carpet is about 18 years old or so the best I can figure. We
> have a slab floor and I think I will be putting a combination of some kind
> of tile and hardwood with the scatter rugs in the living room area.
> We have what was considered a commercial vacuum cleaner at the time that
> would suck your toenails off if you got to close. One time my son was
> teasing my daughter and sucked up a whole sock that had been laying on the
> floor into the bag of the cleaner. Had to cut the bag open to get it. LOL
> I like the slick floors but the way I get distracted I am the one that
> will be planting a garden in the corners of each room. Hmmmmm...... if I had
> enough light I would grow sunflowers in each corner !
> Ranchmama
> Okie zone 7a

Our carpet was around 10 years old. It looked pretty good the first couple
of years we lived here (we bought the house from the original owners when it
was 8 years old) but quickly deteriorated with our indoor pets and our
children and me being home all day - we put a lot more wear and tear on it
than the previous owners had in all their 8 years!

A lot of people here in NC advised us against going with tile in the bedroom
- but we love it. The arguments against it were that it's cold in the winter
- doesn't seem to be a problem in our small, well-insulated house - and that
when we're older it could be dangerous if we fall down... well, that might
be true, but both my dad and my grandma fell on nice thick carpet and still
broke their hips, so I'm kind of figuring we'll just deal with those mishaps
when/if they happen...:)

One thing I would love to have is an interior courtyard with a nice hot tub
and/or one of those small endless pools...:)  We have a deck that I'd like
to enclose into a sunroom/den and a huge attic that could easily be
converted into a nice big open "project" space, which we could definitely
use with all four of us being creative sorts who need room to putter... the
infinite possibilities of renovation/addition! Not to mention all the
gardening possibilities! We'll definitely never run out of weekend projects!