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Thu, 25 Jul 2002 23:52:59 -0400

George,  Gino would adore having some of your Cajun and Greek
cookin', but he has a definite problem getting time off from his
group job as a radiologist -- no matter how many of the doctors are 
on duty, they always seem to need more ...  Actually, the very best story

to come out of there in years happened when my daughter DJ was 
working for the Police Department doing creative computer work. An
accident victim was brought in to Gino for extensive x-rays and
scans, and the report came thru to the police ...  That night the two
of them were discussing the case.  He said the man had a chain 
embedded in his skull, and she said he had knife wounds .........

But I digress, sorry. Gino's house was built by an architect for his
own family. The entire first floor is on concrete slab, even though
there is a full basement underneath, with a bar and family room
and a double workshop. The surprise is that the second floor
(with all the bedrooms) is also on concrete -- makes it difficult to 
get wires through from room to room.  

In my own house, we just use an extremely long drill bit and make 
a danged hole thru the floor to get telephone or tv wires up. In fact, 
when son Roger was home in January for a week to work on our 
computers, he fulfilled my heart's desire by running a line from a 
simple toggle in the garage to my computer room up one flight and 
over one room. Now if Jimmie leaves the garage door open accidentally
for the night, a light goes on by my computer --- when the garage
door is closed, the toggle gets pushed down, and the light goes
off!  Roger drilled one little hole in the floor to allow the wire
to go down to the workshop, then ran the wire across that 
ceiling (over the heating ducts) to the garage wall of building blocks
and sneaked the wire thru the wall alongside the telephone cables,
across the garage to the door and the toggle... Easy, right? 

Lotsa fun ....

Penny, NY


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