[gardeners] Friday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 26 Jul 2002 17:43:42 -0500

In amongst other things today we got a very good thunder shower. this one didn't last all night but
for only about an hour today and was needed by the garden. We had one a couple of days ago that blew
over trees, luckily none of ours, and destroyed gardens. All of our caged or staked tomatoes laid
over in a line and had to be straightened and reanchored.

Picked a couple of tomatoes, about a dozen figs, and trimmed some unruly iris that has been past
blooming stage for three months or more. Was poking around in the ginger bed, enjoying the scent of
the butterfly ginger when we found seven blooms of hidden ginger in their glory. All of this hidden
ginger started a few years ago with a few pieces of root from Mad Harry Boswell, thank you Harry.

Made a loaf of french bread, baked a cake, and took three naps due to not feeling well today. One of
those days diabetics get occasionally where you don't feel worth shooting. Bob Blakely knows about
those too.

Anyway, we're now coasting toward evening and I have to figure out what to cook for supper tonight.
Miz Anne is stuffing a new cushion for one of the rattan patio chairs we use for living room
furniture and everything has been dusted after the big rearranging of our living area. I've already
got all the furniture positions memorized so I won't fall over anything when I'm wandering around in
the middle of the night.

Life is good.