Re: [gardeners] See if you can access this

Margaret Lauterbach (
Sun, 18 Aug 2002 13:17:20 -0600

We only learn if we get feedback.  I guess such things as asking for mail 
to download, or deleting spam or popup advertising are "errors."  They can 
take a flying leap.  Margaret L

>The illegal message is a bit of computer-ese referring to an error.  An 
>operation" is one that is not allowed in the rules and syntax of the computer
>language that is in use when the error occurs.  It refers to the laws of that
>particular computer language only.  Humans are exempt from those laws; we're
>allowed to make errors, being creatures of superior reasoning abilities.  :-)
>Jeanne in So Calif z9b, who doesn't believe that computers will ever be
>intelligent the way humans are, although they might put on a pretty good
>imitation from time to time.