Re: [gardeners] update

George Shirley (
Sat, 24 Aug 2002 19:58:58 -0500

An impressive start on your new landscape Lucinda. I really don't envy you as I am worn out with
remodeling. No time for gardening as I am trying to finish up about six different projects and
please Miz Anne in the doing. Word of honor, I'll never, ever, marry another artist. Of course not
much danger of remarriage since I've been with the same one for 42 years and can't drive her away or
she me.

I'm glad you're a happy camper and are enjoying your respite from teaching. Best.

George wrote:
> Just back from Nova Scotia  where we escaped from moving for about a
> week.  Dug up some wild roses at the farm to bring back to Ontario,,,we'll
> see how they do.  I think very well.  They smell wonderful.  The LOL who
> owned the house we bought had roses, but none of them are fragrant.  I have
> yanked them out of one bed, and will replant with smelly ones.  I am having a
> good time furnishing my garden.  Bought lobelia, white phlox, autumn joy
> sedum and 4 hardy tea roses.  I brought from my old house shasta daisies,
> russian sage, blue salvia, rugosa alba roses, some gallicas, achillea or
> miniature yarrow, hostas, brown-eyed susans and so on.  I am trying to order
> plants from Richter's, Pickering, Gardenimport and Vesey's but keep
> changing my mind, or rather, I am trying to get my rose order down to 20 not
> 30 plants.  I can't imagine I'll have time to plant all of them.  The herbs from
> Richter's are easier to plant, ditto bulbs from Vesey's and Gardenimport.
> Vesey's seems to have gotten very expensive....even more than
> Gardenimport.  Anyone know a reasonable bulb supplier in Canada????
> It was blissfully cool down east and not so very bad when we got back home.
>  This has been a brutally hot and humid summer.  I am happy to see fall
> come.
> Lucinda