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Fri, 30 Aug 2002 07:16:46 -0500

Penny as with anything else to do with fungus the basics are all you can do.
Destroy any vegetation that is infected that you prune off.
Be sure to disinfect your pruners so you don't spread it also in between
Make sure that air can circulate around and through the plant by pruning and
not overcrowding.
Make sure the plant can get as much sunlight as it can tolerate.
Try to keep the plant as healthy as you know how is always a benefit.

When you have a lot of damp air to battle I just don't know if you can win.
If the milk and soda doesn't work there are folks that will swear by the
bleach and water sprayed on. To me this sounds sill since it is making it
wet again but if it works for you .... I have wondered about something like
alcohol and if it would work since it does have a drying effect in general
on things. Just don't know how a plant would like that though.

Okie zone 7a
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> Margaret, I've had no success with either milk or baking
> soda on the roses.
> I got so mad at the black spot that I cut the entire rose bed
> down to 12 inches on July 20th. It took many weeks for a
> sign of life to come back, but when it did, they all burst into leaf.
> As of August 20th, they are all in bloom, and with healthy
> foliage. Too good to be true .....   I do notice that the blooms
> are not as large as the first ones in June.