Re: [gardeners] Dahlia woes (
Sat, 31 Aug 2002 00:04:09 -0400

Margaret, I used half and half, water and skim milk. 
Don't know where I got the suggestion ....

Worthy of note, there is a metamorphoses in the
landscape of the entire county:  after cool air, no sun, 
and rain or drizzle for 48 hours, it looks like a lush
springtime everywhere!  Lawns have become carpets;
bushes have squashed each other, and those dahlias
have grown a foot taller, with lush foliage on the top
third. . .   what is more, those new young shoots coming 
up from the bottom have also grown a foot, so they are 
disguising the bareness of the stems. 

Of course, I am used to each plant having dozens of
huge blooms at once, some of them way too high for me 
to deadhead without a ladder, but that is not the case at
this moment. Undoubtedly because of the illness these
plants have just survived, the new leaves are emerging 
before the flowers are ready to show, altho there are
many tight buds in evidence. 

I can only hope that the crisis is over -- and the one thing
I intend to do is to water these dahlias independently of the 
flower bed which they edge. 

George, they stand at the end of the soaker system, so they
undoubtedly get much less water than the annuals nearby. 
They normally bloom all summer, and well into October.  I
have last year's October photos to show for it -- if they
come back now, I will photograph them once again, for
the History Channel   ....




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