Re: [gardeners] Dahlia woes

Margaret Lauterbach (
Fri, 30 Aug 2002 08:47:15 -0600

The first blooms on roses are always the largest.  Yours is the first 
failure I've heard of controlling blackspot with milk.  What concentration 
did you use?  Margaret L

>Margaret, I've had no success with either milk or baking
>soda on the roses.
>I got so mad at the black spot that I cut the entire rose bed
>down to 12 inches on July 20th. It took many weeks for a
>sign of life to come back, but when it did, they all burst into leaf.
>As of August 20th, they are all in bloom, and with healthy
>foliage. Too good to be true .....   I do notice that the blooms
>are not as large as the first ones in June.
>Penny, NY
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