Re: [gardeners] Dahlia woes (
Thu, 29 Aug 2002 22:27:42 -0400

George, do you water your annuals when the temps get
to be around 94*...? If so, how often? 

My yard is full of black-eyed susans, New Guinea hybrid
impatiens, cleome, wand-flower, ageratum, blue salvia, 
gladiolis -- all in the full sun and heat. No sign of foliage
dying, no sign of unhappiness. They get watered three
times a day by ground level soakers. 

The dahlias have never pulled this stunt before. 

I can't bring myself to believe that this is heat related. 

BTW, all the flowers I mentioned above (except for the
New Guineas) came back by themselves -- to me that
means my annuals have become perennials!  We 
picked up and replanted 99 ageratum volunteers -- and
since there were about 300 cleomes which sprang up, 
we had to discard 200. All 48 glads returned. I've never
planted a black-eyed susan in my life, and yet I now have
7 individual clumps in full bloom. 

The only problem which has shown up in that bed has
been about 6 mini-dahlias, about the size of a canteloupe.
3 plants simply died; 3 plants are green and plump but
refuse to bloom. 

Penny, NY


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