Re: [gardeners] Flooding woes (
Mon, 2 Sep 2002 23:35:40 -0400

Anne, your weather problem is worse than ours, even if we are
currently under water. My daughter in Chicago watches her
back yard fill up and become a lake in every storm, inspite of 
having installed a big drainage pipe. The height of her
exasperation came when she woke up and saw the mated 
pair of ducks swimming across her lawn ---  and they have 
returned whenever the rains come down heavily. 

If you count the rabbits and the squirrels which eat the tops of
everything in sight, and the ducks in the rain, I am amazed
that she has the fortitude to replant that garden each spring. 
I think I would pave it with cement~! 

I do admire you and DH for doing all that daylily transplanting...
I'm sure that they will appreciate the move.

Penny, NY


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