[gardeners] Wednesday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 04 Sep 2002 09:20:15 -0500

Nothing much in the garden to write about here lately. The tomatoes are gone and I need to rip out
the vines and also the crowder peas and limas, all done. The hot chiles and three of the sweet
chiles are still producing but the others have burned up. The okra is still making but we've got a
freezer full of the stuff so reckon I'll take it out too.

The butterfly ginger is doing great, every plant blooming two or three times so far and a walk down
the driveway gives the gift of the flower fragrance from there, much stronger at night too.

On the subject of ginger, is there another edible ginger besides the stuff you buy in the store?
I've looked on Google and only found reference to the kind you can buy at the market but the roots
on the butterfly ginger look like and taste just like the store kind so I'm wondering. Any hints
from our tropical gardeners or anyone else for that matter.

Still remodeling and getting closer to being finished every week. Just depends on how busy we are
and how we feel. If we were in our mid-thirties again we would probably be done by now, in our
mid-sixties we're taking our time.

Life is still good though.

George, Miz Anne and Sleepy Dawg