Re: [gardeners] Wednesday in the garden (
Thu, 5 Sep 2002 01:12:56 -0400

George, for the life of me, I cannot find a rainfall chart
on the Internet so I can quote just how much we have
received in the last 2 weeks -- I must be slipping ....

At any rate, we've broken our summer-long drought with
an incessant drizzle that never seems to end. Obvious
result has been making the grass grow to eye-popping
height, and the best news of all:  my devastated giant
dahlias make me feel as if I have been crying wolf ....
There is suddenly so much new foliage that one cannot see
the fact that they had been completely defoliated up to the
6 ft mark..!  Ain't nature grand..? [sometimes]

Yes, there had been a big infection. Yes, they had been
sprayed with Banner.  And yes, apparently they had
been weakened from lack of water, which made them
susceptible, for the first time, to disease. 

Learned my lesson. 

I've also learned that tomatoes don't ripen at 60 degrees
for 4-5 days in a drizzle. They simply stand still. We're
due to jump to upper 80s this weekend, and I presume that 
we will be back in production.  

We've been sleeping with windows wide open and under 
electric blankets this week -- which means the doggone
cicadas drive me nuts, the New England Thruway (4 miles
East) makes a steady racket, the intermittent lightning
and thunder feel as if they are right on the roof, and the 
shock of a raccoon or friend knocking over a garbage pail 
at 3:00 in the morning makes us bolt out of bed. I can't 
wait till the doggone weather turns hot again, and we can 
return to our air-conditioned cocoon ... 

Penny, NY

P.S.:  Yes, and we were blessed with a visit from a skunk. 
Down With Nature !!!!!


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