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Glad you got through with so little pain.  As for poor Sleepy, would the kid
consider taking her home with him for the day.  Our dog, Max, tore apart our
house every time we left for more than one night, now a neighbor takes him
home for the day and brings him back at bedtime.  They just leave Max in the
backyard and he sees all the kids as they run in and out of their house.  He
loves it, and is almost sorry when we come home.  Course, I have three kids
so the activity is normal to him.
Anne in FL
zone 9b, sunset 26

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> Miz Anne and I got home at about 11:15 am today and found a frantic dog
> who was so hoarse from crying that she couldn't bark. She finally calmed
> down and is now asleep on my foot. Poor baby, our housesitter, a friends
> kid, decided he didn't want to stay here and came in twice a day to
> collect the paper and the mail and to talk to the dog. Next time I'll
> leave Miz Anne at home to take care of the dog and make the kid go to
> the hospital with me. <VBG>
> Had the dye angiogram yesterday, started at 1320 hours and finished at
> 1310 hours. I can tell you that radioactive iodine tastes really nasty
> when they shoot it into your carotids. Doc says carotids and taste buds
> in mouth are so close the stuff goes right to them. Also sent shooting
> pains into my sinus cavities but had a good secondary effect, last night
> they all drained for the first time in months. I can tell you that I
> recommend the latest version of angiograms, no pain, opening in leg
> healed quicker, had to lay flat for one hour after the gram and then was
> sent home. Didn't go home but spent the rest of the day and night there
> in quest quarters and then headed home this morning. Stopped by my
> daughter's place as she had her gall bladder removed Wednesday and isn't
> feeling too good. Granddaughter is taking good care of her though. I
> drove 125 miles home with no pain no problems.
> Anyhow, no surgery date yet. I go back for a follow-up and to get my
> surgery date on 10/03/02, probably going to be shortly after that visit.
> Will then be in Houston two full days and then home again. It is good to
> be home in the care of Miss Sleepy Dawg Shirley though.
> Life is good.
> George