Re: [gardeners] Home again

George Shirley (
Sat, 21 Sep 2002 06:13:48 -0500

Could, but won't, they all either work or go to school. Miz Anne will
just stay home and look after the dog as she recently got a teaching job
again. The carotid clean-our is basically outpatient surgery so no
biggie. Go in one morning, get out the next. My best friend has a
brother who lives in Houston and he's always looking for an excuse to go
visit so I have a built in driver. Beside that, I drove him for his two
stent insertions so he owes me one. It's always good to have friends,
enemies aren't bad either, keeps you on your toes. <VBG>

How's Jimmy doing these days, trying to shovel water since you had no

George wrote:
> George, it's good to know that you find the procedures easier
> these days. We do hope that your next encounter with the
> medicos runs just as smoothly.
> Could you drop the pup off at your daughter's, next time?
> Penny, NY
> .
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