Re: [gardeners] Home again

George Shirley (
Sat, 21 Sep 2002 06:25:31 -0500

She wouldn't be happy, my friends have three of those little Chinese
professional lapdogs. One is a little sweetheart and the other two are
crazy as bedbugs, jump on everything including each other. They're so
much smaller than Sleepy she probably would just kill them and drag them
off to eat later. Another post describes what will happen when it comes
time to go in for surgery so I won't repeat it. Thanks for the good


Annetta Green wrote:
> George,
> Glad you got through with so little pain.  As for poor Sleepy, would the kid
> consider taking her home with him for the day.  Our dog, Max, tore apart our
> house every time we left for more than one night, now a neighbor takes him
> home for the day and brings him back at bedtime.  They just leave Max in the
> backyard and he sees all the kids as they run in and out of their house.  He
> loves it, and is almost sorry when we come home.  Course, I have three kids
> so the activity is normal to him.
> Anne in FL
> zone 9b, sunset 26
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