Re: [gardeners] Monday in the garden (
Tue, 24 Sep 2002 01:23:44 -0400

George, you ain't far wrong with Jimmie trying to shovel water
since we had no snow -- we have had three pits in the back yard 
where last year Jim had been digging, and they remain filled with 
water no matter what we do...  Have had a bunch of contractors in,
plus a gardener and a tree surgeon, trying to find a solution for the
water backup, and nobody agrees. In the end perhaps in October 
we will have a 'curtain drain' installed, hoping to decoy the water 
and keep it from standing at the surface.  One contractor quoted us
$3,000 for the drain, but strongly advised us to get a gardener to do 
it instead, because they don't pay their men as much money ...
He of course had no idea that this is the first year in history that
we do have a gardener -- to mow the lawn, that's all -- because
Jimmie no longer can walk that much, nor could he handle the
bending and lifting involved with emptying the grass bag. [The
gardener uses a mulching mower and lets it drop.]  Jimmie is
weeding by sitting on his behind, a rather slow process but at
least he feels that he is contributing. And we have more-or-less
completed the Netafim soaker hose re-installation in the front
foundation to accommodate the new plants, which was a very big
job for Jim's shoulder muscles. One more main water supply line
must be shortened and buried, and a coil of excess 12-wire line
must be buried because he doesn't want to have to splice all those
wires ....   The last thing will be to have my wonderful Mexican
father & son combo come in on their day off to spread 11 yards
of top mulch (shredded bark). 

It's taken WAY too long to get this job done, but then I guess
that if one manages to reach 80 years of age, something's
gotta give ....<g>....

Penny, NY


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