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Wed, 25 Sep 2002 10:47:07 -0500

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> I'll do that then, wish to be as strong as Jimmie at 75,
> most men in my family don't live that long. As a ray of
hope I have one
> uncle, Dad's brother, who will be ninety next year. I hope
your water
> problems are improving. We're all breathing a sigh of
relief here,
> weather folks said Isidore is going to go inland to the
east of us so we
> won't get the brunt of the storm.
> George

George, you're indestructible!!  Don't worry about it!!

Looks like Izzie is gonna come pay us a visit in
Mississippi, up to 20-25 inches of rain possible in the
south, somewhere between 4 and 10 expected up where I am.
Good time to dig a pond, I guess!!  Not much wind expected,
but of course there's the ever-present danger of tornadoes
spitting out of these things, and the idiots who drive like
the streets are in fine shape.  "We have met the enemy and
he is us!"

Good news is, clear and cool in the aftermath, lows down to
50 possible this weekend.  I'm so sick of heat and humidity,
I may go run around nekkid first thing Saturday morning!!
Yee-ha, it's finally cooled off!

(Anybody got those plans for an ark laying around)