Re: [gardeners] Monday in the garden

George Shirley (
Wed, 25 Sep 2002 12:43:50 -0500

Harry Boswell wrote:
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> > I'll do that then, wish to be as strong as Jimmie at 75,
> unfortunately
> > most men in my family don't live that long. As a ray of
> hope I have one
> > uncle, Dad's brother, who will be ninety next year. I hope
> your water
> > problems are improving. We're all breathing a sigh of
> relief here,
> > weather folks said Isidore is going to go inland to the
> east of us so we
> > won't get the brunt of the storm.
> >
> > George
> George, you're indestructible!!  Don't worry about it!!

I don't worry about, it's just a fact of life to me.

> Looks like Izzie is gonna come pay us a visit in
> Mississippi, up to 20-25 inches of rain possible in the
> south, somewhere between 4 and 10 expected up where I am.
> Good time to dig a pond, I guess!!  Not much wind expected,
> but of course there's the ever-present danger of tornadoes
> spitting out of these things, and the idiots who drive like
> the streets are in fine shape.  "We have met the enemy and
> he is us!"

Aha, another Pogo Possum fan. My favorite is "Run for your life, the dam
at the Loony Bin done bust."
> Good news is, clear and cool in the aftermath, lows down to
> 50 possible this weekend.  I'm so sick of heat and humidity,
> I may go run around nekkid first thing Saturday morning!!
> Yee-ha, it's finally cooled off!

We've been having temps in the low seventies/high sixties for last few
days. I reckon Isidore is sucking that cool air from up nawth down on
Anyway, it's been nice of mornings and evenings.

> Harry
> (Anybody got those plans for an ark laying around)

No, but I can make you a deal on a large number of cubits of gopherwood.