Re: [gardeners] 3:00am in the garden (
Thu, 26 Sep 2002 02:56:31 -0400

George, I shall call around 1st thing in the morning to try to 
locate some 'mosquito dunks', and thanks for the speedy reply!

We are supposed to fly from LaGuardia (on Long Island) to
St.Louis, Mo., on Saturday noon. HOWEVER, on
the Internet proposes that the storm Isidore will be right on
top of us at that hour ....  American Airlines says it has what they 
call a "storm policy", and if they anticipate this storm's path
to be in our way at that time, they will change our reservation
AHEAD OF TIME, to ensure our trip...  I think that's pretty fine.

I have scheduled our new gardener to bring in his men in
4 weeks, to build us a 40 ft wide curtain drain down in back.
At this rate, I may have to take in laundry.

Penny, NY


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