Re: [gardeners] Excitement (
Sat, 12 Oct 2002 23:47:33 -0400

We have the heat on tonight -- sweater and jacket to go out
to dinner!  Raining for 3 days so far, with thunderstorms due
on Sunday, and further cold wave. 

It's not bad outside, tho -- about 57*.  Just makes us feel cold.

Gino had millions of Passion Fruit on the vine, but none 
ripened. He had two Italian figs which they ate. Season is
just a little short. 

Volunteer Passion Fruit vines everywhere -- plus lablabs and
castor beans. They all get intertwined with each other
and with the mums -- it's a sight to see! Gino says he has
removed many garbage pails of cuttings already -- why, the
volunteer tomatoes are hysterical!  It's  like a jungle... I
personally cleared out one patch of cherry tomatoes which was 
climbing a fence, to make room for his winter pansies. In fact,
not to be believed, there was one volunteer lablab which grew
up at the end post of his lovely decorative wrought iron fence. 
He encouraged it to grow sideways, right across the fence, and now 
one cannot see the fence at all!  It is a huge mass (and mess) of
lablab blossoms! 

Jimmie's knee is still behaving well since the visit to the doctor
on Tuesday. Amazing! 



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