[gardeners] Purple Pea Flowers.

Marc Winterburn (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Tue, 22 Oct 2002 13:16:50 +0800

We have a thriving vegie garden with a healthy pea patch but one of our pea
plants has developed purple flowers. One out of 200. The peas are as
delicious as the rest, sweet and juicy so it doesn't appear to be a sweet
pea(yeknow the flowering variety) as flowering sweet peas don't taste too
nice in my experience. Anyway the flower is smaller than the usual flowering
type(non edible)Does any list member have any experience with different
colored pea flowers on garden peas. Have I got a sport or a throw-back of
some kind or is it common place and I'm getting excited for nothing.
Pods are Green like normal garden peas.
They look and taste just like the rest of the row except for the flowers.
Pods are still developing so I will take particular notice and see if they
ore flat like Snow Peas or if they fill out like normal garden peas. I will
be saving seeds from them and growing them in isolation next season. I
realize that some will have crossed with the others around them but
hopefully not all and if I grow them in isolation next season and with the
idea of developing the purple flowered strain I am sure I will get it back
to a pure strain.(Is that how you spell this type of strain) It just looks
strange like strain the peas .

Kind Regards
Marc Winterburn