[gardeners] Re: Hardiness of Cordyline terminalis

pennyx1@juno.com (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Tue, 5 Nov 2002 03:11:39 -0500

> > DOes anyone know if Cordyline (Hawaiian Ti) is root hardy in USDA
> > zone 8? They have plenty of elephant ears and hardy ginger coming
> > back every year.  [Norfolk, Virginia]
> >
> Hi Penny,
> I think it is most unlikely that this plant would even be root hardy 
> in Zone 8 as its lowest range is given in Botanica as zone 10.
> In New Zealand it is normally grown as a pot plant in all but the
> warmest districts, though other species Like C. australis are hardy
> through most of the country.
> I myself (in my approx. zone 9 garden) have a tricoloured form (pink
> green and cream) as a pot plant which lives permanently in my
> glasshouse, though I guess I could put it outside for the summer if 
> I wanted. I also had a beautiful crimson one for many years but 
> recently finally lost it when a cutting was ravished by snails.
> Incidently, although it is variously known as the Hawaiian or 
> Polynesian Ti it actually started out in New Guinea, but then spread
> through the tropical Pacific.
> Moira
> --
> Tony & Moira Ryan,
> Wainuiomata, North Island, NZ.     Pictures of our garden at:-
> http://mywebpages.comcast.net/cherie1/Garden/TonyandMoira/index.htm


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