Re: [gardeners] Still no frost!

George Shirley (
Tue, 05 Nov 2002 08:05:08 -0600

I had surgery many years ago on my nether portions. The doctors gave me
mineral oil, lots of mineral oil. Sat up on the side of the bed one
morning and sneezed a biggg sneeze. Took three orderlies to clean up the
room. I know whereof you speak.

Another anecdote to go with yours about your Mom. When my daughter was
12 years old she looked like a grown woman. Took her somewhere with me
one day and the gentleman I was going to see said "And this is your
lovely wife I presume." My daughter flipped out that someone would think
she was married to an "old" man of 34. After that I was careful to
introduce her up front as my daughter. I guess I should mention that a
lot of southern girls go through puberty very early, my daughter at age
8, which I thought was way to early.

George wrote:
> Dear me yes, once a year castor oil used to be the rule. Not in my
> childhood, however. When things got rough, we were given Agarol.
> Now Agarol was white, thick, and tasted like a combination of
> used engine oil and fermented cockroaches, but we were allowed
> to hold our noses while we swallowed.  It helped.
> There were two occasions in my life when purgatives took the
> front line.
> One sunny summer's day, my Dad was playing golf and the chief
> caddy came running to tell him that his daughter was waiting for him
> on the 9th hole. Said Dad, "My daughter?  MY DAUGHTER?  Why, my
> daughter is 12 years old -- how could she have gotten here..? " and
> when he found out that it was my mother, he instantaneously put
> himself on a rigid diet, the most important ingredient of this being
> a full ex-lax every single day . . .  Boy! Talk about hitting below the
> belt!
> Time marched on in my life, and when it came time for me to drop
> my second foal, nothing happened.  Since I lived out in the country,
> the doctor ordered me into the city hospital so he could persuade
> Mother Nature to comply. Being the son of an old fashioned bona fide
> country doctor, the first thing he did was to give me a dose of castor
> oil. That worked, all right -- but in an unexpected way:  the baby
> wriggled so hard that she turned herself upside down and was
> presenting herself as a breach delivery!  Now we were in trouble..
> The next thing I knew, it being October and hay fever season out
> our way, I gave a giant sneeze and blew my cork. Les joux sont
> fait, as we used to say down in N'Orleans -- the jig was up, and now
> the doctor had to get inventive. He commandeered a big bath
> towel and rolled it up the way a kid would carry his towel on his bike
> to the swimming hole. He placed this big wad next to my tummy, and
> made me roll partly onto it, the most uncomfortable situation I had
> ever been in. I mean it was mean! The baby moved away from the
> pressure -- so he made me press harder on the towel, and indeed,
> she moved some more ... until that doggone child had turned
> enough to present head down once again!
> Andrea was born sunny side up, and I have always said that this is why
> she is left-handed.
> Penny, NY
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