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Rosemary Carlson (
Tue, 5 Nov 2002 21:03:13 -0500

I'm SO jealous when I read about someone growing gourds!! That's one thing
I've always wanted to grow - and never had the right spot. And, now, in the
woods, there isn't a spot on my property that gets more than 2 hrs sunlight
even at the height of summer!

Rosemary on a mountain in Eastern KY, zone 6a

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> I've always just hung them in an area that is dry and somewhat warm.
> Once they dry enough the seeds rattle you can start working with them.
> Down here in humid Louisiana they get mildew on the outside so we wipe
> them with a weak solution of bleach and water. The only ones I've saved
> were Hercules War Club gourds of about 3 or 4 feet long by 3 or 4 inches
> in diameter. I cut a hole, dropped in two or three marbles and then
> shook the heck out of them. Then the seeds and marbles were poured out
> in a bucket, repeat with the marbles as needed and proceed with crafts
> projects. HTH
> George
> Teressa Kandianis wrote:
> >
> > Does anyone out there know how I process large gourds after harvest?  I
> > waited until after my first hard frost when the vines had died and cut
> > with some stem.  Now what?
> >
> > My garden is getting a good few inches of horse manure courtesy of my
> > norwegian fjord pair and I'm also expropriating some sand from the round
> > where it was too deep for good footing.  My clay soil is getting better
> > year.
> >
> > Any and all gourd advice welcome.  Teressa K. in NW Washington where it
> > been dry and cold and sunny.