Re: [gardeners] gourd harvest

George Shirley (
Tue, 05 Nov 2002 20:24:58 -0600

If you haven't had two or three types of gourds growing side by side
your seed should be true. I only plant one type at a time and they have
all had viable seed. There are a number of places that sell gourd seed
for crafts and a Google search should turn them up. The lady who started
this list used to run a gourd list too but I don't know if it's still


Teressa Kandianis wrote:
> George:  Thanks for that.  Have you replanted those seeds with any luck?  I
> had a bit of trouble finally finding seed packets that were for one type of
> gourd.  I've found the mixes to be disappointing.  I wanted the larger ones
> for baskets and dippers and birdhouses.  So now I have an abundance of big
> gourds and though I'm not very crafty, I can probably find people to give
> them to.  I like them in the garden as they are quite astounding fruits.
> However, I'd like to use my own seed if possible.
> Teressa K.