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George Shirley (
Wed, 06 Nov 2002 08:24:59 -0600

Miz Anne used to have that problem even up into her thirties. She came
home from shopping one day all smiles, the guy at the liquor store
carded her when she was buying a bottle of wine. She was 35 at the time.
To top it off the next day she and our teenage daughter were at a mall
and were getting out of my ragtop sports car and were whistled at by a
car load of teenage boys. Definitely made her week. I can still make her
smile when I wolf whistle at her and I mean it when I do. At 62 YO she
is one fine looking woman. Too bad I didn't mellow that well. <VBG>


Linda Sims wrote:
> I really had to laugh about Penny's adventure with the towel... I was in a
> similiar situation, except my old time doc gave me the choice of a forceps
> delivery or "try to turn her"....well naturally we choose the latter, little
> did I realize that soon the doctor, 2 nurses and orderly, would be pushing
> on my stomach... I felt like the ball at the start of a  rugby game!! My
> husband said it looked from his perspectiveit looked  like when a bunch of 5
> year olds play soccer!! But it worked and she was born....
> As far as kids looking older, I had the opposite problem... I was 26 when
> my husband and I were on our honeymoon.... The guy at the gas station, asked
> where my daddy was......... (and boy I've never let him forget it)
> Thanks for the memories.
> Linda