Re: [gardeners] gardeners Digest V2 #1525

George Shirley (
Thu, 07 Nov 2002 12:39:09 -0600

When it gets cold I wear my old Navy watch cap (knitted cap) and in the
hot sun I wear a big straw hat. I'm prone to skin cancers so have to
watch that too. I also wear my fine Italian Borsolino when I get dressed
up with my tailored suit and English raincoat. That's a rare occasion
though as I prefer to slop around in comfortable clothes. Wearing sweat
pants, cotton socks, and an old 100 percent cotton dress shirt at the
moment. Nice and warm and comfortable.

Finally found a dry cleaner locally who could clean and reblock my
Borsolino. Really looks good now. I've never regretted the impulse
buying of that hat at the Borsolino store in Rome in 1981. Looks good
with anything and is warm to boot.

Penny, I have lots of hats, I just don't wear them often.

George wrote:
> George, is that a 7-1/2 hat before or after you visit the barber...?
> And besides, since when do you wear a hat...???
> Penny
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